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Artificial Intelligence for Data Centers (1/5)

11 March 2020

Framing the problem: AI for Data Center Operators

There are 3 areas of focus for activities of using AI in data centers. Those can be broadly classified as follow:

First - Back-end activities (e.g., using AI to improve operations, management team, etc.)

Second - Front-end activities (e.g., using AI to improve customer engagement, sales, etc.)

Third - Anything in between front-end and back-end (e.g., management, projects, etc.)


Planning ahead: Making a road map

The first step to move data centers into the A.I. space is to create a multi-year road map that can close the gap between what we see today and what we would like to achieve in future.

A good road map should have few guiding principles:

First - Achievable: the activities should be able to be completed within the scheduled time frame.

Second - Make financial sense: the activities should have a strong financial rationale and a strong return on investment.

Third - Motivating: the road map should convince and inspire people within the organization.


Making it happen

Once the road map has been defined, it's critical to define how we are going to execute on it. That should include a clear definition of:

First - People: what human resources are necessaries to achieve the intent.

Second - Investment: the required investments to complete the goals.

Third - Process: a clear articulation of processes (tools, meetings, etc.) to get the whole execution.

Stay tuned for the next series where we will talk about the back-end AI activities!


Marco Cioffi  Marco Cioffi
  Director of Operations at
  DCI Indonesia